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Beginners or seasoned electric scooter riders may find scooter riding is so attractive. Take Varla Eagle One Off-Road electric scooter as an example, equipped with a big battery and powered by 2*500W hub motors, it’s a challenge to resist our urge not to racing it at a max speed for that off-road exciting riding experience to conquer all terrain.

But wait, riding at a high speed requires extra caution and we need some tips to brace ourselves from unexpected hurting.

Varla scooter has gathered 9 tips for you to hit the road.






9 Tips While Riding

  1. Do Not Ride with One Hand
  2. Watch Out for the Other Riders
  3. Do Not Use Your Mobile Device When Riding
  4. Do Not Follow Too Closely
  5. Brake in the Correct Way
  6. Follow Traffic Signals
  7. Do Not Rely Solely on Cruise Control
  8. Turn On the Lights When in Bad Weather
  9. Slow Down

1. Do Not Ride with One Hand

No matter how urgent the call is, don't answer it while you are riding. Especially when you are driving at high speed, doing two things at one time might lead to a worse scenario.

 DON'T ride with the phone in one hand and the handle in the other. They will make you easily losing control of your scooter, out of balance, and fall hard.

If you have to deal with something in the middle of riding, just pull out and stop for a minute. Then move on after you've done! Your safety is far more important than this minute!


2. Watch Out for the Other Riders

Sharing streets with bikes, cars, and other electric scooters or maybe with pedestrians is a fact of scooter life. As a second or third class of the road, we have to obey all traffic rules and speed limits as much as possible to protect ourselves and others on road. But sometimes the constant unexpected is the new normal, for it is difficult to avoid other people bumping into you. In such cases, keep a safe distance between yourself and other riders or vehicles and also maintain a comfortable distance to prepare yourself for other people’s sudden stops or sharp turns or other unexpected situations in advance is something you have to take into consideration while riding.


3. Do Not Use Your Mobile Device When Riding

Many people will install their mobile phones on the handlebars so they can check messages or check route navigation in time. This is convenient, but if the rider pays more attention to the new message that pops up, an accident will likely occur because of negativing the road ahead!


It is best to concentrate on watching the road, arrive at the destination early, and then check the message with ease. It's also great if you can stop a little bit, check out the messages, then go on!

Safety comes first!


4. Do Not Follow Too Closely

Since we cannot predict the thoughts of others in advance, please do not follow scooters or bikes ahead. Keep a distance to give yourself enough time to reflect when the vehicle suddenly turns or stops. Experts recommend giving yourself 3-4 seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front. Refers to the time that allows you to arrive at the vehicle in front of you in about 3-4 seconds after it has stopped. If you are driving at night or in bad weather, you can increase it to 7-8 seconds.


5. Brake in the Correct Way

To brake the rear wheels first and then the front wheels is the right correct braking method. For Varla scooters, the left brake controls the rear wheels, and the right brake controls the front wheels. Train your subconscious reflections during your scooter practice and learn to use your braking system safely. In the worst scooter braking scenario, if you brake the front wheel first, it may cause you to fall off suddenly.


Besides, braking more smoothly and slowly to avoid sudden braking is also a part you need to pay attention to. Sudden braking can easily cause tires to slip when riding on rainy days and the road is relatively slippery. Therefore, remember to brake the rear wheel first in a slow way.


6. Follow Traffic Signals and Stay Alert

Ride with confidence when you’re on road require to follow traffic signals. Stop at a red light and through at a green light is common sense and all you need to do is to obey that all the time. What about yellow light? Stay alert to changes in your surroundings at all times if the yellow light on. Safety comes first!


7. Do Not Rely Solely on Cruise Control

Many riders rely on cruise control for most of their commuting. The scooter can Keep a constant speed without requiring the rider to tighten the throttle all the time. It's indeed very convenient. However, if the rider relies solely on cruise control, it is easy to neglect the surrounding. Once an accident occurs, it may take longer to respond and put the rider in danger. If you prefer using cruise control, make it short and make sure to keep your focus on the road ahead. 


8.Turn On the Lights When in Bad Weather

When it is dark or rainy, or foggy, it will make it difficult to see each other and focus on road conditions due to reduced visibility. Therefore, make sure to keep the headlights on. If possible, you can consider adding more lighting equipment to the scooter to remind others and illuminate the road ahead.


9. Slow Down

When speeding on wet roads, the possibility of accidents will increase because the scooters driving at high speeds take longer to stop on wet roads. If the forecast predicts a wet day or it’s the rainy season, please be sure to leave home 15-20 minutes earlier than usual to give more commute time for yourself, so you don't have to worry. You can focus more on the road conditions and ride more safely.



Following the above simple tips can reduce the possibility of encountering danger when riding at high speed and reduce the cost of maintenance bills or medical bills.


To make scooter riding easier follow the rules of the road and pay attention to those tips we recommend above and Enjoy!






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