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It is a very perplexing question for most people who want to travel abroad and are not well aware of the International and US airline rules and regulations, especially the ones provided by the FAA. If you are also one of those people who want to travel with their adult electric scooters but they have a question in their mind whether or not they can bring the e  scooter on a plane, this article is going to be a very helpful guide for you.


The straightforward answer to this question is that yes you can bring an e scooter on a plane if it has a battery of 160 WH or less.

Can I bring an electric scooter of any battery strength on a plane?

Remember that airline authorities are super careful about the safety and security of the planes and passengers. As a result, various people have to face different problems regarding rules and regulations.


The general International US rule is that any electronic or electric device, with a battery strength of up to 160 WH, is allowed to bring to the aeroplane.


So here it is worth noting that you cannot bring all kinds of scooters electric to the plane because airlines have very strict rules regarding the batteries. If the battery strength of a double scooter is anywhere between 110 WH to 160 WH, then you can not only bring your electric scooter to the plane but the International airlines will also allow you to take two additional batteries along with you.



British airlines and Air France are some of the European airlines that do not allow any kind of electric vehicles. Some other European airlines that have strict policies about the electric scooter for adult include Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, easyJet Norwegian and LOT. These Airlines do not allow any kind of electric scooter irrespective of the battery strength.


However Turkish Airlines, Wizzair, S7 Group are some of the European Airlines that allow electric scooters if they have a battery strength of 160 WH.


So we can say that you must do local research before bringing an e-scooter to the plane.

Why do people want to bring an electric motor scooter on the plane?

Everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way. Let's have a look at some of the major reasons why people want to bring electric motor scooters on the plane.




Comfortability and convenience

As we know, an electric scooter is a very convenient option when it comes to covering small distances and getting to the destination urgently during traffic jams. The people want to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the new country. They just want to enjoy and move freely anywhere they want.


Suitable for businessman

If you are planning to move to another country due to business purposes, you may need to do a lot of tasks in a very short time. At this stage, a fast electric scooter will help you out and it is possible only when you purchase it in your country and bring it to the other country through the plane. Basically, if you tend to purchase an adult electric scooter from another country, you will notice that you will face a lot of problems while bringing it back to your country. Moreover, it also depends on your budget, you may find it a bit less expensive in your country.


So real estate agents, ambassadors, and businessmen can make use of this amazing transportation solution.


Excellent mobility aid

If you can prove it as your mobility aid and have relevant documentation and evidence, you will be allowed to bring the scooters abroad very conveniently. Disabled people, aged people, arthritis patients and other people who face mobility issues can keep electric scooters with them as mobility aid while moving to other countries. As they are foldable and portable, the airlines will allow them to be brought to other countries for mobility, however, you have to proceed with documentation quite earlier. Otherwise, on-the-spot issues may occur.


When it comes to taking faster electric scooters as mobility aids, the rules and regulations for e-scooters are quite similar to e wheelchairs.


Once you can approve your e-scooters with airlines you can constantly bring them to anywhere you want. Even United Airlines also accepts the scooters with proper permissions and documentation.

Here is what you should know while bringing a folding electric scooter on the plane!

If you are planning to bring your folding electric scooter to the plane, you should know the following things.


  • Make sure to go through the local laws regarding the battery-related electric and electronic products to the planes.


  • The packing requirements vary from place to place. It is also important to go through all the packing and packaging requirements, otherwise, your luggage may be rejected.


  • Having a battery strength of up to 160 WH is not the only requirement, instead, you have to meet a lot of different requirements while proving yourself eligible for taking them to the flight. For example, every country has its bag size requirements when it comes to bringing electric scooters to the plane. If the bag is bigger than the required size, your permission will be cancelled.


  • Sometimes you will have to pay extra charges while taking your luggage containing an electric vehicle to the plane. If such charges are mentioned in the requirements, do not feel hesitant to pay them. For example, some airlines consider adult electric scooters as sports equipment and charge some extra for them. On the other hand, if you are taking them as a mobility aid, you should make the airline staff clear that you are not eligible for paying sport equipment charges.


  • Some brands of e-scooters, especially some off-road scooters have batteries that sit below 100 WH. If you want to take such a scooter with a light battery to the plane, you do not even need to take permission from the airline and no one will ask you to stop.


  • Make sure to proceed with proper planning and figure out how you will adjust your e vehicle along with other luggage. So whether you want to bring the e scooter as check-in or carry on luggage, you should ensure that your journey is safe, sound and tension free.


Bringing the e scooter to the plane with high battery strength is a bit of a daunting task. So you should have detailed knowledge of the electric scooter battery. Moreover, it is also important to consider other important factors. For example, if you want to carry your electric scooter as check-in or carry-on luggage as well as the baggage size requirements. It is better to start preparing a month before your flight.


In this article, we have covered all the details regarding bringing electric scooters to the plane. If you are also planning to bring a scooter on the flight, you should remain confident because it is quite possible to take an electric scooter of up to 16 WH battery size as carrying on or check-in luggage.


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