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Varla scooter riders and other electric scooter users want to know whether or not they can ride electric scooters in the rain. Answering this question seems tricky because there is the risk of electrocution while others may consider them appropriate for light rain. But riding the electric scooters in the rain is practically possible. However, it will require smart behavior.


Today in this article we will tell in detail on how you can ride e-scooters in the rain without slipping and ruining your ride experience due to any mishap.

Can E Scooters Solve Transportation Problems During Rainy Season?

On one side some people may ask you not to use electric e-scooters in the rain, while on the other side you may have seen many people utilizing these e-scooters including the Varla Eagle one. 

E scooters solve many problems for businesses and they can easily maintain their mobile services during the rainy season. They solve many mobility issues of the individuals and make it possible for them to go to their workplaces or destinations if the rain starts during the journey.


The problems e scooters solve during the rainy season include:


  • They make it easy for restaurants and food businesses to reach their destinations.
  • The people who are already outside and waiting to go back home during the rain can use e-scooters.
  • When you are on an e scooter, you can cover the distance quickly and no longer need to walk in the muddy and wet areas.
  • As e-scooters are very good vehicles for making the narrow escape you can easily use them to make your way in the crowd of heavy vehicles.


Here it is important to mention that before using an e scooter during the rain you should know all about taking care of the battery and other sensitive components that may spoil when the water gets in touch with them.

Role of IP ratings in determining the ability of scooter to withstand rain

IP ratings can give you an idea of the ability of an e scooter to face rain. These ratings are the two numbers that are written on the e-scooters.


The first number indicates the ability of your scooter to withstand harsh climatic conditions including dust, storm, exposure to foreign particles, winds, etc.


The second number of the IP rating tells how much the scooter can resist the water such as rainwater, moisture, or sprinkles.


If the e-scooters are waterproof, it simply means they do not get affected by the presence of water at all, while water-resistance of e-scooters means how much time they can remain immersed in water without being affected.


Here are some of the common IP numbers that can give you an idea of how water-friendly e scooters are:


  • IP 65: This rating indicates that the scooter can withstand light rain so such an e-scooter can be used only during light showers.
  • IP 56: These e scooters can withstand heavy rain but are least resistant to dust and dirt. Such e-scooters are common in wet and humid areas and not suitable for dry climatic conditions.
  • IP 55: This rating shows that the E scooter can only be used in low-pressure conditions.
  • IP 54: It shows e scooters completely protect from water splashes regardless of their directions.


How much intensity of water e scooters can withstand can be determined by IP ratings. So it is only a misconception that e-scooters are not suitable for the rainy season. Instead, it would be right to say that they are the perfect alternative for walking and you no longer need to wait for hours in the rain for the desired vehicles to take you to the destination. When you have an e scooter you can easily take it out from your bag, unfold it and start riding it to reach your destination.


We highly recommend using off-road scooters and Varla Scooters for use in the rain. However, various other brands have high-quality scooters with the perfect ability to withstand cold and rainy weather.


Meanwhile, a number of brands whose IP ratings suggest that they are not suitable for use in the rainy season.

How to ride electric scooters in the rain successfully

Having an e-scooter can be beneficial for you in the rain if you focus on the following tips.

Do not use e scooter in cold

Although it is appropriate to use electric scooters in the rain, if the temperature is too cold outside, you should avoid using electric scooters. This is because it is harmful to the overall battery life and other components of electric scooters.

Reduce the pressure of tire

It is no secret that high tire pressure is essential for the optimum performance of an electric scooter but this will not work in the rainy season. So it is highly recommended to slightly lower the pressure as it is more suitable for wet surfaces.  

Use dielectric grease

Before going outside during the rainy season, it is important to apply dielectric grease to your e-scooter. It will play its part in securing the battery and other sensitive components from dust, dirt, and corrosion.


You should pay special attention to this step even if you have a very high-quality water-resistant or waterproof electric scooter. However, it is important to mention that excessive use of electric grease can result in a very oily surface of your e-scooter that will result in reducing the lifespan.

Keep your speed slow

Many people keep the speed of the electric scooter very fast because they are comparatively much safer than many people around. It may seem a smooth option initially, but there are 100% chances of slipping while making the sharp turns during the Riding in the rainy season.


So do not feel reluctant in going slow even if you have an electric scooter. Otherwise, people will laugh at you when you slip like an amateur.

Final Verdict

Whether you use Varla scooters, or any other off-road scooter, you should have a very clear understanding of how to ride the electric scooter during the rain. Nowadays, all-weather electric scooters are widely available that make it possible for you to ride in all weather conditions including wet and rainy seasons.


From the rising popularity of these electric scooters, we can expect that the future will bring more interesting versions of waterproof electric scooters.


By the way, have you ever used Varla Scooters or any other electric scooters for riding in the rain? If yes, then how was your experience? Make a quick comment right now and share your experiences and thoughts with us.

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