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Have you ever found that Varla Pegasus is different from Varla Eagle One in terms of acceleration? The former is a particular model of the electric scooter in which the thumb throttle is used. On the other hand, the latter is equipped with a trigger throttle. These devices directly impact the speed of e-scooters. Two major models of electric scooters are formed depending on the nature, location and functionality.


Throttle is a device fitted in electric scooters that controls the flow of power to an engine by controlling the fuel. There are two types available in the market, thumb and trigger.


As we know the trend of electric scooters is increasing day by day however people want to know why they are being sold above €1000.


At this stage, it is very important to create awareness among the people about different types of throttles. Here it is worth mentioning that the model of the electric scooter has its own type.


Today we are going to discuss in detail on which type of throttle you should prefer while purchasing the particular model of the electric scooter.


First of all, it is important to understand the difference between both.

What are the trigger and thumb throttles?

The throttle is a particular component of the electric scooter that is involved in the acceleration of the vehicle. It means that it determines the speed while riding the electric scooter. So if you are going to purchase an electric scooter and want to know about the particular speed range, you should have knowledge about throttle which is an important component of an e-scooter.


Just as the name indicates, both throttles are quite different from each other. The major difference is in their locations on the electric scooter.


The thumb throttles are located on the rear portion of the handlebar so that the rider can press it to enhance the speed by applying some force with his thumb.


Trigger throttles do not involve thumb to increase or decrease the speed of the electric scooter. Instead, they require you to use your index finger to help in the acceleration of the electric scooter. The trigger throttle involves the squeezing of the trigger using the finger which definitely results in acceleration of the speed of the e-scooter.


If you want suggestions about which type of throttle you should select, we recommend you proceed with the trigger throttle. The practice of thumb throttles is not common nowadays. However, it depends on personal choices and ease of use as well.

Smooth acceleration

While choosing the model of the electric scooter, people usually do not have extensive knowledge about which protocol is being used in the particular model. However, they do want to know how they will be able to control the smooth acceleration and speed of the scooter.


So remember that e-scooters with trigger throttles are highly in demand because they provide more smooth acceleration as compared to thumb throttles. The reason is, they make it super easy for you to travel as they typically move in the horizontal direction and are perfect on bumpy roads.


The thumb throttle seems quite a manual way of acceleration and you can definitely end up hitting your thumb which can turn out to be a very problematic situation, especially if you want to travel with steady speed over rough paths.



As we already discussed, trigger throttle is a better option if you are going to purchase an e-scooter with better and efficient acceleration. However, in terms of durability, thumb ones are less likely to break because they are usually at the back of the handle and are less susceptible to collisions.


Trigger throttle is more at the risk of collision with any other vehicle because of its location. So the adjustment of the throttles on the back or front of the handlebar decides their durability. Another important aspect of the trigger throttles is that they sometimes fail to maintain their elasticity whenever they get in touch with any other vehicle and become weakened in their functionality.


Basically, both are quite great in terms of gripping. It totally depends on how you adjust yourself. For example, if you are habitual of using the thumb throttle, you may feel uncomfortable with trigger throttles and vice versa.


While dealing with throttles, you need to change your grip and make hand adjustments accordingly. For example, by using the thumb throttle you have to keep all of your fingers intact and use the thumb with full power and force. The more you press the thumb throttle, the greater acceleration you will observe. Learning the excellent use of handles will make it easy for you to commute on a daily basis.

Safety features

If we compare the safety of these throttles we come to know that the thumb throttle is safer because it is away from the brake lever. While the trigger throttle is quite close to the brake lever and its location is also on the front side of the handlebar which makes it highly susceptible to accidents.


Remember that brake levers work opposite to the throttles. The main purpose of the brake lever is to stop the electric scooter while the throttles are involved in increasing the speed.


Just imagine,

The trigger throttle is closer to the brake lever. Whenever it comes to the application of the brakes quickly, the rider will have to immediately shift from trigger throttle to brake lever. It can turn out to be quite confusing at the time of emergency when the rider is trying to avoid the collision. There are strong chances that he may mistakenly press the trigger throttle instead of pressing the brake lever. As a result, the vehicle can even further accelerate instead of stopping immediately.


If we compare it with the thumb one, we come to know that it is quite opposite and at a distance to the brake lever. So it allows a completely different setup which considerably reduces the chance of such mistakes.


Thus, it would be right to say that thumb throttles are safer than trigger throttles. However, if you have enough expertise to ride the electric scooters perfectly while making the right use of trigger throttles, both options can work for you.


So the level of safety the particular throttle provides also depends on the expertise of the electric scooter rider.


Both throttles are gaining popularity in the market. However, the practice of trigger throttles is more common till now. If you are comfortable with the practice of a thumb throttle, we recommend you purchase the electric scooter model known as Varla Pegasus, but if you think you can become a better rider by opting for trigger throttle, you should proceed with purchasing the Varla Eagle One.


The ultimate choice is yours.

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