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Think about the time you are wasting on your daily commute. You could be spending all that precious time pursuing your hobbies, spending extra time with your loved ones, or catching up on much-needed sleep.


So many things can affect your daily travels – the weather, construction, or crashes will all make a commute frustrating. It’s no surprise drivers are more stressed driving to work and back. And that stress made your daily commute to work or school a tedious thing.





What if something could make your commute more enjoyable? Getting to work and back each day is a large part of our lives. What if you can get to your destination even faster without the daily tedious part? That’s where those quick fold & unfold, easy to carry, green footprints electric scooters come in to save the day! 

Get to work faster and enjoy your commute. And most importantly, with a new way out, we don’t need to let our daily commute feel like a chore!




Commuting is one of life’s least enjoyable things to do each day, and the problem of congestion continues to rise. The average American will spend roughly 26 minutes per day on their commute. Some cities are worse than others. For instance, New York commuters spend 36 minutes commuting, and some commuters spend 90 minutes on the road.


The ride to work has also been associated with increased blood pressure, a lower frustration tolerance, and hostility. You can also be in a lousy mood arriving at work or home. This is a recipe for depression and anxiety. Don’t let your daily commute stress you out when there is an alternative to get you to work or school each day.



There is always a way out to reduce your stress on your daily commute!

Why not hop on a Varla electric scooter! There is nothing better than coasting on a popular electric scooter and zooming through traffic, breathing in the crisp morning air.


Here’s how your Varla electric scooter can help to reduce the stress of the morning commute:


  • Save time: Spend more time at home because you get to skip the traffic! Varla electric scooters have long-range and can travel more than 20km/h before needing a charge.


  • Fun: Let’s face it – riding an electric scooter is exciting. It makes you feel free, and you can ride on most terrain. If you feel like an adventure, take your Varla Eagle One on an off-road excursion.


  • Routine: One thing you can do on a whim is switching up your routine to reduce your commute stress. It is refreshing finding new roads to travel on and discover neighborhoods you never have the time to travel through.


  • Time: Now you have time to stop for that morning bagel and coffee in the morning because you know you will be zipping through traffic and won’t be late for an important meeting. Sleep in a little longer and make time with your loved ones because you aren’t sitting in traffic for hours each day.


  • Parking: Do you spend 10 minutes each morning looking for a place to park in the city? Searching for a place to park your car is unnecessary stress that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Parking is not something you need to worry about with an adult electric scooter. You can park it anywhere or fold it up and take it with you. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.


  • Trends: Manufacturers compete with each other, so new and innovative electric scooters are available to make you stand out. Let’s not forget the cool accessories that you can purchase to go along with your new look. Take a look at the Varla electric scooter seat. If you get tired, rest your legs and take a seat.


  • Safety: Never worry about when your next fender bender can occur. Adult electric scooters are safe when you take the necessary precautions.


There are many other bonuses to having a popular electric scooter, such as eco-friendly and cost-effective. Since you are not emitting carbon emissions, you can help save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint! You will even be helping the problem of noise pollution in big cities. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on monthly car payments, repairs, and insurance when you can have a once-off payment with a Varla electric scooter and save money!




Your daily commute can be stressful. Sitting in traffic, the money you spend on having a vehicle, and the frustration and boredom you can experience commuting will stress you out. But there is an excellent alternative to these problems, namely the Varla electric scooters.



High-quality electric scooters are a modern means of transportation. Don’t worry about being stuck in a traffic jam or driving around looking for parking. Just fold it up in an easy three-step process and carry it along with you.



Reduce the stress of your daily commute and choose a popular electric scooter as an alternative mode of transportation. Get to work in a third of the time and have fun doing it!


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