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While proceeding with the purchase of electric scooters, many people start comparing them with electric bikes. As a result, it has become a very objectionable thing that which one should be chosen. We have also done extensive research on this subject and come to know that both have various benefits but it depends on a lot of factors.

So let's have a detailed look and make a comparison of e-scooters and e-bikes so that you will be able to decide which one you should choose.



Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, electric Scooters are more comfortable options. It is because electric scooters occupy a very small space as compared to e bikes. Moreover, you can easily fold them and bring them anywhere you want.


Their portability gives them an edge over e bikes. So even if you do not have a lock or any other security accessory for your e scooter, you can still keep it with you and fold it or hang it on your shoulder using the straps. On the other hand, all such solutions are not available for e bikes.


However, some people prefer electric bikes because they want to cover long distances.


Another perception is that electric bikes are more relaxing because they are equipped with seats. Remember that nowadays various models of e scooters are available that can also be equipped with seats.


In fact, you can also upgrade your electric scooters with a seat as more e-scooter companies offer such a service.


The cost-effectiveness of e scooters is obvious because e bikes are much more expensive than e scooters. However, various observations reveal that there are very slight price differences between these two types of electric devices.


For instance,  as an emerging scooter company, Varla Scooter has been creating products with dual motor and controller, and the performance of battery life  is also at the top level in the industry. Although their price is close to that of electric bikes, they provide faster speed and stronger power than e-bikes.

Compared with the common electric scooter, the two devices show enormous differences in the price range,  which is due to the fact that the size of the electric bikes is impressive and people consider it an alternative to traditional fuel bikes. If you are also thinking the same, you should change your mind because size is not everything and smartness also matters a lot.


Theft risks

As we know that the culture of electric scooters is steadily increasing and they have not become extremely popular among the common people. As a result, most people consider them really fun objects so they are at low risk of theft. On the other hand, electric bikes are considered very useful vehicles that often become easy victims of thieves and intruders. So in case you have forgotten to proceed with the lock, there are strong chances that you will lose your electric bike.


Another important reason why electric bikes are highly susceptible to theft is that the resale prices of the electric bikes are very high and the users often opt for electric bike insurance.

Safety aspects

If you want to ride on a busy road or looking for a vehicle for long journeys, an e-bike may be a better option. This is because when it comes to safety and security, the e bike gets an edge over the electric scooter. Basically, the size of the electric bike resembles the modern traditional fuel vehicles and they've more easily occupied their place on the roads.


In other words, we can say that they are more visible for the drivers and the people riding on the fuel-consuming cars and trucks. On the other hand, e-scooters are not suitable for busy roads because they are too low and the rider often becomes invisible.


However, if you want to improve your visibility, we recommend you to proceed with accessories like wearing visibility vests, or other solutions such as using bells or horns.


No matter which vehicle you are using, security always comes first. Thus, you should also pay special attention to safety and consider this aspect seriously while choosing the best vehicle.


Note: Many people assume that they are safe on e bikes. As a result, they neglect very important aspects of safety such as wearing helmets. On the other hand, the general observation reveals that people do wear helmets and other important safety accessories while riding e bikes. So it would be right to say that when it comes to safety, following the safety rules also makes a huge difference. Both can be safe options if you follow the safety rules and regulations. 


The range of e bikes is much larger than the e scooters. In simple words, e bikes are most suitable for covering large distances and for traveling on busy roads. On the other hand, e-scooters are usually made for covering small distances.


Functionality and the purposes of e bikes and e scooters can be very different.

Before purchasing the more suitable vehicle, we recommend you focus on your traveling needs.


If you want to cover long distances, an e bike can be a better option because its battery lasts longer. On the other hand, if you are worried about covering the small distance after leaving your main vehicle, a scooter is the best option.


Note: The range of off-road scooters often equals the e bikes.


While using a particular vehicle, it is common to face maintenance issues. When we compare both vehicles from the maintenance point of view, we come to know that e bikes often have high maintenance costs. The reason is people consider them more useful than e-scooters and thus their maintenance cost is also according to the perception of the people.

The size of the components of e bicycles is also large, so it makes sense to pay more for their maintenance.

How to make the best choice?

We have discussed various factors but here it is worth mentioning that sensibility also makes a difference. If you ride in close proximity to the people and do not follow the paths that are designed for e-bikes or e-scooters, both options can cause great trouble for you. So, whether you are on an e scooter or an e bike, you have to take care of the speed when you are moving near pedestrians.


As awareness about e vehicles is increasing, various countries are constructing specialized paths for them


However, if you do not have ethics and you cannot follow the rules and regulations, you will face the consequences.


An electric bike or electric scooter? No need to feel confused. You can easily solve the puzzle if you know what your transportation needs are and what is the level of your affordability. If you purchase your desired vehicle from the trusted sellers, then you will enjoy riding on any of these vehicles.

Anyway, they will become the next trend of transportation in the future. Especially the latter seems like a more suitable option as it occupies less space, is affordable, portable, and has many excellent features along with reduced maintenance costs.

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