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With increasing advocacy for a green environment and recent pandemic, the transport sector has suffered a severe blow: mobility restriction, social distancing, curfews in certain countries, etc. It has generated real frustration in the population due to the lack of inability to travel and escape.

However, the crisis does not slow down innovation or motivation to improve tomorrow's mobility. The future transport has two objectives: to reduce urban pollution and facilitate traffic within cities.

Hand in hand with the recent encounters related to climate change, the digital revolution has taken a turn around to highlight the necessity for new transport services that solve the problem faced by different territories and populations regarding commuting from one point to another.

In the previous months, electric scooters have been blossoming in many of the world's most significant urban communities. In principle, an electric scooter gives a helpful, on-request, open transportation for everybody to get around with electricity, which, as we probably are aware, is more eco-friendly than gas or other petroleum derivatives.

In urban areas around the world, seeing individuals utilizing electric scooters is turning out to be progressively typical. Organizations like Varla, Bird, and Lime are changing how we contemplate urban transportation through electric scooters.



Due to the traffic jams at rush hours and little space to circulate on the streets experienced by the road network, the inclination towards cleaner, greener, and more sustainable and adaptable urban mobility is evolving at a high rate. The transport industry wants to be part of sustainability and tries to reduce its emissions as much as possible.


With the advent of electronic scooters, which can travel up to 16 miles each hour, like the Varla Pegasus can travel an expected 28 miles on a solitary charge. The thought is that by utilizing a zero-emission scooter to travel brief distances rather than other vehicles, commuters can save time and the environment.


Micro-mobility as an Alternative

Faced with the traditional alternative of the private car that does not even solve the problems that the displacement of millions of people poses in any city globally, micro-mobility offers choices compatible with Covid-19 that solve old challenges in metropolitan areas. 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels.


With electric scooters, scooter rental has exploded in response to a disease that limits contact between people.


Different cities worldwide have promoted the transition towards a new zero-emission individual mobility, increasing the space on their roads to accommodate personal mobility vehicles (VMP) and bicycles.


Responding to the pandemic and trying to control a new invasion of private cars, new bicycle and scooter lanes have been built, and new and wide pedestrian lanes for those who prefer to travel the "last mile" on foot.


The pandemic, sooner or later, will be overcome, but its effects will be implanted in society. The transformation of mobility as a consequence of the Coronavirus will not be fleeting since, in certain senses, it has accelerated the evolution of the alternatives when facing how we move in cities.


The new mobility, the electric scooter, is here to stay and the extension of a healthier way of life for people who inevitably change the way we move and the environmental impact.


The Electric Scooter

The electric scooter is the only option that presents stylish, sustainable transportation to ease the transition from private car to micro-mobility. It has frequently been used today in many countries. In addition, the electric scooter is smart and easy to use. 


The scooter is increasingly accessible. The Varla company has sold the Varla Eagle One and Varla Pegasus to ride all terrains and meet your 99% on-road needs, respectively. This initiative is part of an accessibility approach on a more local scale and demonstrates significant social impact. And this is just the beginning! Its goal now is to create more models that can satisfy most transport and environmental requirements.


Eco-Friendly Scooters to Purchase for Urban Mobility

The electric scooter responds to eco-friendly journeys when you'd prefer to stay away from public vehicles and don't have the opportunity (or tendency) to walk. An electric bike is emission-free, moderately protected, and a far less expensive option than an electric vehicle.


With many mechanized scooters available, it can be tricky to realize which is ideally suited for you. So we listed the top five electric commuter scooters for riding and giving you a tad of fun.


Benefits of the Electric Scooter as a Means of Urban Transportation

The attention to e-scooters developed during the epidemic time. There was a sharp ascent in the acquisition of these scooters because of a few reasons. It is expected that the sale of electric scooters will rise after COVID principally on account of the adjustment of driving inclinations, which are pretty apparent in urbanized districts. 

With the advent of electric scooters for commuting, the following are the benefits inherent in its use as a means of transportation:


  • Social Distancing

 With the practice of staying away from others as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19, individuals gradually crawled towards getting back to work, regardless of whether it implies them traveling, the reasonable solution was to keep social separation by taking a private rather than a public vehicle.

 The electric scooter has assisted with diminishing exposure to the virus elements. It has permitted people to observe the required distance while commuting from place to place without clogging. 


  • Smarter Mode of Transport

Most fundamental representatives and bleeding-edge laborers were visiting their work environment routinely, if not day by day. Going by an electric scooter has brought advantages like lesser travel time, non-reliance on fuel stations, and significant savings for investments.


  • Eco Friendly

Another factor that contributed to the purchase of electric scooters was the increase in combustion and pollution level. During the lockdown, city commuters observed a significant change in the Air Quality Index (AQI), making the previously rising contamination levels appear to be seriously disturbing.

 It urged numerous families to consider putting resources into electric scooters instead of petroleum or diesel-driven vehicles. Electric scooters are environmentally and climate-friendly, thereby serving as a healthy choice for urban transportation.


  • Portable

Numerous electric bikes are foldable, which proves to be useful in case you'll be finishing a portion of your excursion on your motorcycle and different parts in a vehicle or on an open car. It is also a valuable factor to consider if you're utilizing your electric scooter for commuting purposes. 


  • Mobility

Electric scooters can function in any part of the city and are an easy replacement for vehicles. Many cities are already implementing emergency protocols and have banned the circulation of cars in the city center. Using a scooter as a means of transportation would solve many problems of urbanization.


  • Rids Off Traffic Jams and Congestion

The use of the scooter would limit the time wasted in traffic jams and thus reduce congestion on the roads. The electric scooter would also solve going round in circles to spot parking spaces for vehicles.


  • Improves Physical and Health Conditions

Health is the most crucial thing, and using the scooter as a means of transport is healthy. Riding the e-scooter increases blood flow and body metabolism, improves your physical condition, controls stress, and improves the respiratory and cardiac systems.   


  • Cost Effective

Any way you view it, the scooter saves you money. Little expenses spent on public transport passes or parking tickets and gasoline bills will drift to the minimum with the use of electric scooters.

There will be an increase in people's standard of living when the electric scooter is utilized. Think that you will not spend more on gasoline or subway tickets or take the car to the workshop.

If it is conventional, being electric costs you only electricity which also doesn't cost you much.


  • Timely

Driving your car out of a parking lot or picking it up where you parked takes time, as well as heading to the bus station or waiting for the metro bus to ride along.

It is easy to move about and will be ready to transport you when you need it, without waiting. The scooter brings ease to transportation and can undoubtedly get you to your destination faster.


  • Enlivening 

The e-scooter enlivens while atop it. Riding the scooter gives you the feeling of being young again.

Of course, driving will involve a maximum level of maturity, yet, who doesn't like to be young once more. But without a doubt, it is an entertaining way to move and that you must experience it at least once.       



Final Thoughts

Most importantly, suppliers and city pioneers need to work intently together to effectively coordinate electric scooters into the versatility blend of things to come. Their collaboration ought to envelop transportation methodologies and engage in extensive endeavors to advance programs that serve the public good, for example, lower-pay clients.

 Electric scooters are here to stay. The advancement made so far is a decent sign that they will be an essential staple of metropolitan versatility later on.

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