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Without accessories, it seems weird to take a ride on an electric scooter. Whether you are planning to purchase a new electric scooter such as Varla scooter or any other, you should also consider buying accessories for the best riding experience. In this article, we will provide you with the list of the best and the most essential electric scooter accessories.



Let's have a look at them.


Without helmets, your safety is in danger. The matching helmet not only enhances your look and awareness for accessories but also ensures maximum security and protection from many kinds of injuries and accidents.


Basically, by wearing a helmet, you look classy and special. Nowadays various helmets are available both for men and women and you can choose the desired color for them. While you can choose different designs and styles of helmets available in the market, you can also purchase them online from online stores. Buying them from brick-and-mortar shops is also not a bad idea.

Note: While choosing the helmet, make sure to adjust it on your head properly.


Many people consider helmets as merely decorative parts of electric scooter riding and do not focus on their importance for safety purposes. The fact is, individuals can protect themselves from various head injuries especially if they are passionate about moving quickly on the roads while riding the electric scooters.


As we know electric scooters are considerably smaller in size, so whenever you ring the bell people will understand your arrival and may spare some space for you. However, the major purpose of the bell is to make your electric scooter journey more joyful and interesting. The good news is that there are various bells models available in the market that enhance your experiences by providing different sounds.


It is worth mentioning that the custom bells are also available according to the particular brands. For example, if you are opting for the Varla scooter, you will find the bell that can only fit best to the Varla e-scooters.

E Scooter straps

The major purpose behind using the straps for the e-scooter is that they allow you to hang e-scooters on your shoulders just like a purse or bag. It is particularly important when you have to immediately cross the road and the battery is gone. Moreover, some shopping malls do not allow the entry of electric scooters.

So it is better to keep it on your shoulder. In this way, no one will be able to object to you for it.

Remember that electric scooters are also foldable but some plazas and shopping malls do not allow the folded e-scooters and require you to enter without your bags or any other briefcase in which you have kept the electric scooter.

However, it is a common observation that whenever you have the electric scooter on your shoulder, no one will ask you for the removal. So having electric straps makes sense

Phone holder

While making fun with electric scooters, most people forget about the safety of their smartphones and keep on enjoying them until they come to know that they have lost the phone. If you have also encountered a similar situation, we recommend you proceed with the purchase of a phone holder that you can adjust on an electric scooter and can make your journey easier.


Personalized and customized phone holders are also available in the markets so that you can go for the phone holder according to the model of your phone. In such a phone holder your phone adjusts very appropriately and the whole setup looks very smart.


When it comes to the safety and protection of your precious vehicle, no one can deny the fact that a lock is mandatory. Various types and shapes of locks are available for active shooters in the market; the most common types are pipe locks as well as t-shaped digital locks.


It is totally up to you to proceed with the lock you like. No matter which color, shape, or design of the lock you choose, it must be providing a high level of security.

Bag hooks

The trend of using electric scooters among young people is increasing day by day. For this purpose, they can attach bag hooks so that they will not have to carry their bags while riding on the e-scooters.

If you have just purchased the electric Scooter for schooling purposes and are worried about how you will carry the bag during the ride, we recommend you purchase the high-quality bag hooks.

Front basket

A basket attached at the front of an electric scooter handlebar is one of the hot accessories. You can use it to keep various essential things, including water bottles, tissues, crackers, or any other important thing that you have to take with you during the journey. In this way, you can prevent yourself from holding a water bottle in your hand or using your pocket for this purpose.


While traveling on a hot sunny day or a cool winter night, the first thing that directly interacts with the outside environment is your hands. When you are traveling on an electric scooter, you have to keep your hands on the handles so wearing gloves can keep you on the safe side to the maximum by protecting your hands from the harsh external weather conditions.


During the hot summer days, ultraviolet radiation can disturb the skin of your hands because it is the most exposed area while riding the electric scooter. On the other hand, during the winter days, your hands may seem frozen. If your fingers are too cold, it will impact your activity on the electric scooter and you will not be able to reach your destination on time.


However, the good news is that very specialized electric scooter gloves are available that the riders can wear to make the journey more comfortable and convenient.

Safety vests

When it comes to ensuring maximum safety and protection, the role of another important yet inexpensive accessory, the safety vest, comes into the picture. It is a highly cost-effective accessory that can save your life. These are the clothing products that are available anywhere between $10 to $15 that you can wear while riding an electric scooter. These are brightly colored accessories that can protect you by making you more visible to cars and other vehicles.


If you have purchased the helmet but missed the safety vest, then you are already missing an important component of security.


Sunglasses not only protect you from piercing sun rays but also prevent your eyes from dust and other windy components that can reduce your speed. You can also proceed with eye protection if you do not have any windshield on your electric scooter. All the eye-related accessories that are particularly designed to protect your eyes during the electric scooter ride, are quite affordable and cost-effective but provide a high level of protection, especially when it comes to protecting your eyes from bugs, insects, and other dangerous components.


There are countless accessories that you can purchase with electric scooters, however, we have mentioned the most important of them. Whenever you go to purchase accessories we recommend you to focus on the security component first and then proceed with other fun accessories. The accessories that enhance the level of comfort are also the best ones such as baskets and sunglasses.


So whether you have purchased a Varla scooter or any other off-road scooter, you should also consider investing in accessories.

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