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As electric scooters have become one of the major vehicles in most parts of the world, it is an integral part of becoming acknowledged of how to use an electric scooter properly and catch the fun feeling that scooters can bring you thereafter.

One thing you have to bear in mind is that driving a scooter is not like peddling a bike or just jumping on a scooter and twisting the throttle. There are some safety riding tips you need to equip yourself with to get the most out of your ride and truly dive into those scooter riding fun parts.


Without further ado, here are the basic steps for beginner riders:




Learning Steps:

Read the User’s Manual

A manual is a guide, a technical communication document to assist you using a particular system.

In another word, read the manual or watch our bike testing videos is the fast way to lead you through unfamiliar parts. So take time to study the manual that comes with your Varla scooter. Know the different parts and their uses, and know how it operates.

We have made our best effort to keep our manual informative, concise and readable. These are included but are not limited to specification, geometry, assembly, operation, maintenance, etc.

Find a Place to Practice

As a beginner, learning how to ride an electric scooter in crowded or high traffic areas is not recommended. Start small by practicing around your neighborhood or in your backyard. Ensure to choose the practice area without harsh terrain to minimize chances of any serious injury. As practice makes perfect and it also enhances your confidence to explore more.

Wear Protective Things

Man must be protected before playing. That’s the notion you have to embed in your mind and that’s what the right protective gear should do to you. So prepare yourself by getting the right gear and better settle for up-to-date one to fully exert what protective gear can do. These include highly visible clothing, proper footwear, and a helmet, etc. No exaggerated. If you do wear these protective things, they can protect your head, elbows, knees, and palms to a great extent if you accidentally fall.


Taking your safety into consideration, every Varla Eagle One  included a set of protective gear as gifts for every customer.

Check the Condition of Electric Scooter

It’s a good habit to check the scooter before you ride, such as tires, brakes, and battery power if they can work normally. Spending several minutes carrying out these simple checks and certainly before a long commute or off-road fun ride journey to help keep you safe on the roads.

Riding with 7 Basic Steps

*Unlock the lock clamp, lift the rod, lock up the clamp, and keep the rod upright and stable.

*Then, turn on your scooter by pressing the power button. If your scooter is equipped with a display, such as Varla Eagle One’s LCD display, look at the information carefully, especially the battery capacity display.

*You will find a handbrake on the handlebar. Note that the left side controls the rear brake, and the right side controls the front brake. When braking, please Brake the Left First, then the Right one.

*The speed shift is what you’ll use to accelerate. When you’re ready to go, please raise the kickstand, stand on the deck, slowly accelerate.

*When you are about to stop, slowly pull on the brake lever. Most electric scooters brakes are very sensitive, please pull the brakes slightly to prevent sudden stop and accident injury.

*Once you have arrived at your destination, make sure to turn the scooter power off.

*Next, unlock the lock clamp, fold the scooter back up, and finish.

Practice With A Friend’s Accompany

Just like learning to ride your first bike with your parent‘s guide, we recommend you to experience your electric scooter riding with a company either. Be it your friends or your relatives or your parents. It would be more efficient if you could find a friend who has riding experience for electric scooter,and let them guide you the basic in person will be a more helpful way for you to master the scooter skills. If you don't have such a friend, self-learning with our other tips is also very useful!

Ride Slowly

The first step to safe scooter driving is to learn the basics and take time to practice how it operates. Riding at high speed can bring you excitement, but please ALWAYS keep in mind that safety comes first. As a beginner, learn how to control is way more necessary than knowing how to pursue high speeds. Balance comes first at the beginning stage.

Practice More

An electric scooter is fun to ride. For beginners, do it the easy way by practicing your scooter gradually and get a feel for the rhythm on your scooter while riding. Take time to be familiar with different parts and their uses will help you to know how to shift your balancing. As you can see, riding an electric scooter isn’t difficult just need some patience and practice, or should I say more practice and patience.

Go and Hit the Road

After you’ve mastered the basic skills and spend much time and patience to practice, it will be a good time to move a notch higher.

After understanding the legal part involving your local scooter laws, time to go out and explore the streets. Make sure to obey stop signs and other traffic laws, ride at a safe speed, and be aware of pedestrians, especially in urban areas. Make sure you are always in control of your scooter and able to stop when needed. If you’re going to crash into something, just let go of your throttle and brake the Left system first. All in all, keep yourself from going too fast while in the city streets is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

Final Words

I hope this article has given you the basic and safety tips you need to enjoy your riding. Remember an electric scooter, like Varla Eagle One designed as an Off-Road electric scooter with a max speed reach 20 km/h, is almost like any other motor vehicle and should be treated with the safety it deserves!

Stay Relaxed and have confidence, and go for a ride!


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